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Systematica, rebranding and company profile

Visualise how a consulting firm in the transport industry has changed







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corporate identity, company profile

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Systematica is a consulting firm in the Town & Transport Planning sector. It was founded in 1989 and is based in Milan.

After extensive collaboration over the years, we were selected to rebrand the company in 2017.

The project had two objectives: update the company's logo and create a corporate identity system that could adapt to either print or digital.

Work on the logo was inspired by how Systematica has changed and expanded its services over the years. The red square was simplified, removing the road from the centre: the new logo conveys a shift in the concept of area and knowledge of an area towards analysis of the space itself. Transport has changed.

This is all reflected in the new corporate identity that we created, where the company profile is based on the concept of 'Transform transport'. This idea is expressed through content-driven communication: analysis and research are the key to presenting Systematica projects, with articles and content produced by the company to explain how transport is transforming.

Whilst working on the project, particular attention was focused on digital presentation - a fundamental touchpoint for the company and an important tool. We framed all digital presentations with clear corporate identity, so that it would be recognisable, coherent and easy-to-use for the client.

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