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SecondChef, website

Design the website and communication for one of the main Italian "food&cooking" services








web design, brand identity, illustration, ui/ux

scope of work


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SecondChef is a unique food delivery startup born in Milan in 2017, that offer a “food&cooking” service for which the client receives the ingredients in the right amounts to cook the selected recipes. With SecondChef the comfort of food delivery join the passion for cooking in a special mix contained in a handy box.

For SecondChef we developed the graphic design project of the new website with a double aim, on the one hand to strengthen the identity of the brand making it unique and easily recognizable from the competitors, and on the other hand to make as much as possible user-friendly the interface and the sales funnel.

The website structure is made to ensure a linear experience and help two different user journeys, one that guides the user to find out the service and its offers, and the other that allow users to subscribe to the service or to buy a single box.
The sales funnel is fundamental and for that reason was important a careful design of the user interface, for help to buy boxes in a few steps.

Element of the project is the illustration that becomes a port of the brand identity and that helps users to discover the services. Illustration is also fundamental on SecondChef social media channels, fulfilling a storytelling function through ad hoc animations for the Instagram stories.