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Milano Photo Week

The printed booklet of Milano Photo Week 2017 programme, a tight list of name and events and a photo love story






Milan, photography, photo story

scope of work

communication materials

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Milano Photoweek is a week festival dedicated to photography, it is organised by ArtsFor_, an Italian company dealing with art and culture and their economic value in society.

Our aim was both to emphasise the images storytelling role and gain the attention of the people in the streets of Milan.

The booklet is composed of two detachable leaflets that can live separately as a programme and a photo love story with a vintage touch. The two are connected by some graphic details but at the same time we pushed the formal contrast between the typographic clean style of the programme and the pop feeling of the photo story.

The main content to deal with was the huge programme of events diffused throughout the city during the week. We liked the idea to use colors to divide up the lists, without connecting it to categories or type of contents. This is how we decided to have fully coloured pages, in opposition to the photography feeling of the internal booklet.

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