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LUZ is a marketing agency founded in 2010, by the photojournalistic archive Grazia Neri.
The agency mission is to spread true stories, by producing compelling and ground-breaking contents. Last winter we had the great chance to work with them, designing their portfolio website, their social magazine “Sapiens” and “K of Kulture” an online editorial project about culture and subculture.

Through the whole design process, we decided for the tale to be at the core of the project as the key element able to combine each single content.

We didn’t want for LUZ to appear as a static archive of projects, but rather as an animated path made by the projects it is composed of. The latter appear in the homepage together with a short piece of explanatory text.

The same concept is visually translated in the “team” section, where we decided to highlight the group competences without sacrificing the single person presentation.
In the same way, for the “case studies” section, we imagined a layout where the text is animated through the images preview. Once again, we didn’t want to describe a series of projects, but we wanted to design and present an uniform editorial process.

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