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Little John Magazine

Editorial project, visual experiments describing the capital


2015 - 2019




magazine, editorial, typography, layout


scope of work

Book design

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Little John is a magazine about contemporary culture. It was born in 2015 from the meeting of a group of journalists, artists and graphic designers and wants to tell the dilemmas of the economic system in force through different levels of communication, from the essay to the elaboration of imaginaries.

The first issue of Little John tells the story of a romantic outlaw and contemporary consumerism, racing to buy the latest iPhone and urgent shipments of online stores, burning oil and the best marketing strategies. Featuring the Mona Lisa, Freud, a pile of trash, and a very bright purple color.
LJ2 is about time: a kaleidoscope of experiences and ways of living on 24/7.

From all news that never detach from managers who do not understand the idea of a break, from diners that close to those who remain open 24 hours a day, to doctors who do not sleep, biblical readings of work, pillows to never stop work, the uninterrupted flow of cognitive work, the transition from pre-capitalism to capitalism and so on.

With the third issue, the first mini-series of Little John terminates.
The title is ‘Periferie’ – suburbs. In this chapter we discuss how capitalism consumes cities by obliterating all the diversities and pushing them towards the borders. We can find suburbs not only in the cities, suburbs are in each remote: remote from culture, power and far from any apparent or real spark of vitality.

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