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AIRC, web and printed social balance sheet 2014-2016

Present all the figures on cancer research




AIRC (Italian Association for Cancer Research)


non for profit


scientific research, cancer research

scope of work

art direction, corporate identity, website, animation

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The AIRC (Italian Association for Cancer Research) and FIRC (Italian Foundation for Cancer Research) are two organisations that support oncologic research and circulate scientific information through fundraising. The former was established in 1965 and the latter in 1977.
We have worked with them for three years. We were responsible for the website and printed edition of their social balance sheet: we curated the art direction, layout and development of the website. We collaborated with The Visual Agency for the infographics and Tommaso Gesuato for the photography.
This long-term relationship with the client has seen us innovate the graphic design every year, while maintaining a coherent theme that connects the various social balance sheets across the years.
This is exemplified by the covers of the three editions: they fit together to compose a unique design that is a tribute to the traditional AIRC sun logo and symbol.

The social balance sheet is an overview of the dynamics and goals of the research.
This information came to life in the 2014 edition: transformed into clear and easy-to-understand elements, it underlined both organisations’ transparency in handling donations. A bright colour palette conveyed the exciting world of volunteering.

We have experimented with new solutions for the website every year, making the most of the new opportunities that the medium offers.
We transformed the opening portraits of the chapters into video interviews for the first year.
We communicated the key points from the social balance sheet in a video for the second year.
And for the last edition, we created four mini-videos that could be shared on social media to introduce the four sections on the site homepage.

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