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Agenda 21 Est Ticino, visual system for community events

Design a corporate identity system open to participation from residents




IRS (Institute for Social Research)


non for profit


holdings, postcards

scope of work

Corporate identity

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Agenda 21 is a sustainable development programme that was founded following the UN Conference on Environment and Development held in Rio de Janeiro in 1992.
Agenda 21 Est Ticino was established to raise these themes in 14 administrations within the Est Ticino area (the area west of Milan and east of the Ticino Natural Park). It is an initiative organised by the IRS (Institute for Social Research), an independent non-profit organisation that works in politics and public intervention.

The event was a project started by the municipalities of Est Ticino in 2004: the goal was to create and promote the concept of local sustainable territory.

We developed a corporate identity designed to get people involved and a communication system to stimulate dialogue within round-table discussions. Five postcards, invitations and posters on the theme of resilience, which is a central theme for Agenda 21.

Four postcards asked four different questions about resilience and territory, in order to stimulate reflection, dialogue and participation. The final postcard showed an empty speech bubble and invited people to add their own questions and proposals: the result was more pro-active involvement in the debate.

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